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Yee Kong Coffee & Food Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

With his founding history, the legendary  founder of White Coffee, Uncle White, came out with a mission which is to spread the knowledge and taste of White Coffee to the world.


Our company’s second founder, Mr. Tan Jin Nam, became Uncle White’s assistant through the introduction of Mr. Tan Jin Nam’s fellow friend from his village in South China. Under the teaching and guidance of Uncle White, Mr. Tan Jin Nam became the protégé of Uncle White. Due to home sickness, Uncle White went back to China to reunite with his wife and children.  Before leaving Malaysia, Uncle White handed over his brewing formula of White Coffee to Mr. Tan Jin Nam. As Uncle White was a man of righteousness, he left a poem to Mr. Tan Jin Nam in hopes of the White Coffee culture may live on.


He penned down as the following: “Righteous of brother lives a billion years, as like the river, flows on forever”, defining the birth of White Coffee and the founding factories to be continued as promised. To that, the mission of Uncle White was passed down to Mr. Tan Jin Nam and Mr. Tan Kong Yee, taking over as the third founder, helping local Chinese to spread the culture of White Coffee.

Yee Kong Coffee & Food Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

Representative Director-Chairman

Mr. Tan Boon Kuang


Since 1991, the now founder, Mr. Tan Boon Kuang, making Yee Kong as the main business from village-style production to today's modern production, located at the beautiful town of Ipoh's Pengkalan Business Industry Second Area which is also a strategic business location with developed transportation route. After a few decades, the company's increment and modernized facilities and equipment, needing a large area of 1.5 acre production factory, the most modernized health and safety equipment in all coffee production industry, making Yee Kong the only one coffee production factory with roasting process and other food manufacturing in one place.

“Leaving Ipoh without purchasing White Coffee is like ones haven’t been to Ipoh”.

“Purchase Yee Kong’s Coffee and Food, the first grade aromatic

White Coffee that you wouldn’t miss out”.

 “Smooth and rich Coffee, only at Yee Kong, great taste, only at Yee Kong”

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