YEE KONG COFFEE & FOOD MANUFACTURING SDN. BHD. was established in 1973 when traditional black coffee was overwhelmed by local market. It became the leisure drink for old folks when they gathered together.


The company started business roasting pure coffee beans mainly Liberica coffee beans. Being one of the pioneers in the industry, the company started to introduce Arabica & Robusta Coffee Beans to the market and it was a hit since then.



Today, the company offers a wide range of coffee products from pure white coffee beans to sachet and stick packed 3 in 1 Instant White Coffee & 2 in 1 Kopi-O for both local and export markets.   After more than 3 decades in the industry, FIRST CLASS AROMA is a name synonymous with the quality and reliability of the company’s products.


Our services have grown to encompass all aspects including own brand export, OEM and customization on coffee taste and flavour.

We specialize in

Green Coffee Beans

Arabica, Robusta,

Liberica, Excelsa

coffee beans, etc

Roasted / Ground

Coffee Beans

Arabica, Robusta,

Liberica, Excelsa, tr

ditional black coffee

Coffee beans from

Brazil, Columbia,

Vietnam, Indonesia,

America, Malaysia


(House Brand)

3 in 1 Instant

White Coffee Cappuccino

 3 in 1 Instant White Coffee

Cappuccino Less Sugar

2 in 1 Instant White Coffee

Cappuccino No Added Sugar,ETC


(House Brand)

3 in 1 Instant

White Coffee


3 in 1 Green

Tea Latte

 Health & Flavored

Instant White Coffee &

Tea (OEM)

Ginseng, Tongkat Ali,

Kacip Fatimah,

Gano, Fish Collagen,

Grape Seed 100% Soluble Fibre,

Guarana Seed, Pegaga,

Jamu, Misai Kucing, ETC

Other Beverages


Chocolate Malted Powder,

Premixed Chocolate,

Malt Extract, Iced Lemon Tea, etc.

OEM products

according to



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